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HOW IT WORKS - 5 easy steps for a US online Buying Service


1. Register

2. Submit a Purchase Request

3. Approve and pay AFTUS

4. AFTUS buys and ships to you

5. Pick Up Product or Direct Delivery

Step 1: Register

Register for free – no hidden costs. Click on “New User – Register”.

Step 2: Submit a Purchase Request

Click on “Purchase Request” simply copy and paste the URL link pointing directly to the product you want to purchase.

Step 3: Approve Quote and pay AFTUS

We will send you an email Quote which includes all duties, taxes and a small delivery fee for you to approve and pay us.

Step 4: AFTUS buys and ships to you

We purchase your product(s) from the US Website and ship to you.

Step 5: Pick up product or Direct Delivery

Your product(s) will be shipped directly to you otherwise you will receive an email once your product(s) arrives at the Montreal warehouse to schedule a pick up.



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