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1. Who can use "AFTUS" Anything From The US service?

The Website is provided by Anything From the US and is available to persons over the age of legal majority who can form legally binding agreement(s) under applicable law.
Anyone who qualifies and accepts our Terms of Service can register as a member with AnythingFromTheUS.com.
You can start shopping immediately after you complete your registration.

2. Can I start using Anything From The US immediately after I sign up?

Yes, after you register for free, you are ready to start shopping!

3. How is my membership confirmed?

You will receive an email within minutes of registering (depending on your email system).
Just click the link in the email sent to you from us to confirm your email address.
Please make sure that your spam filter doesn't block emails from us.
Add registration@AnythingFromTheUS.com to your address book or safe list.
If your spam filter is off but you still haven't received an email from us, please contact us.

4. How do I place an order?

1. You MUST be registered first and then you can login to your account. Select the purchase request page.

2. Enter the US Website name and copy and paste the URL link that points directly to the item you want to purchase.

3. We send you an email quote within 24 to 48 hrs with the total cost which includes all Canadian duties, taxes, shipping and handling to approve first and pay us.

4. We purchase the item(s) for you and then ship it to directly to you or the Kirkland warehouse for pick up.

No - US address needed, No - US credit card needed, No - repacking needed.

See "How It Works" from the menu selection.

6. What is your policy regarding customer privacy and confidentiality?

It is our policy never to sell or give away any information about our customers. We understand our customer's concerns regarding confidentiality. The privacy of our customers is of utmost importance to us and details regarding our policy may be found in our Privacy Policy.

7. Do I need a US address to make a Purchase Request?

No, after you accept and pay for the quote, AFTUS purchases the product for you and then ships to you directly or the Kirkland warehouse.

8. Do I order from the US Website directly?

No, AFTUS purchases the product for you. Just submit a Purchase Request and AFTUS will send you an email quote with the details for you to approve first before proceeding.

9. What forms of payment are accepted?

AFTUS accepts Foreign or US Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards.

10. Which countries do you ship to?

For a list of countries we serve, view the registration form.

11. How is the shipping fee determined?

Shipping cost is determined by the greater of the actual weight or the dimensional weight (Dim weight or Volumetric weight). Actual weight is the weight of the package when put on a scale. Dimensional weight is based on the size of the package.

12. Who is responsible for the Canadian Duties and Taxes?

You are responsible for the Canadian Duties and Taxes. AFTUS, collects the duty and taxes on the imported goods from you and in turn pays the CBSA. The CBSA collect the duty and taxes, on behalf of the Government of Canada. Duty is a tariff payable on goods imported to Canada. The rates of duty are established by the Department of Finance Canada and can vary significantly from one product to another. These duties and taxes will apply strictly to goods imported for personal use by Canadian citizens and residents of Canada. If the item you are importing is for personal use and is marked "made in Canada, the USA, or Mexico", you do not need to pay duties on those goods because of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Please note the amount of duty and taxes owing is impacted by where the product was manufactured and not the location where it was purchased. Duties on goods vary widely, depending on the product and the country in which it was manufactured.

13. How much will Duties and Taxes be?

We calculate any duties owing based on the value of the goods in Canadian funds. The duty rates vary according to the type of goods you are importing and the country they came from or were made in. Depending on the goods or their value, some other taxes may apply, such as excise duty or excise tax on luxury items like jewellery. Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), duties on various goods imported from the United States and Mexico have been either reduced or eliminated. The NAFTA rates apply when the goods you are importing are made in the U.S. or Mexico.

14. How do I pay the Duties and Taxes I owe?

AFTUS will calculate the Canadian duties and taxes based on your product's country of origin and purchase price and include in your email quote. Once you approve the quote you can enter your credit card to pay us and AFTUS pays CBSA, no other surprises when your product is delivered to you.

15. What items cannot be imported to Canada?

You cannot import items such as; pornography; obscene and seditious material; illegal drugs; tobacco, liquor, weapons, weapon parts or items related to weapons; animals, including their parts and any products made from their fur, skin, feathers, and bone; intoxicating liquors; aerosol cans; flammable items; corrosive substances; and matches. For a full and complete list please visit CBSA. AFTUS currently will not purchase any items considered as a food or drink item.

17. What happens if the product I want to purchase is backordered?

You will receive an email noting that the product is backordered and for how long for you to decide if you still wish to purchase.

19. How long after my shipment reaches Canada can I pick up my product at the Kirkland warehouse?

You will receive an Email Notification once your package has arrived so that you can immediately pick up.

20. How long will it take to deliver my package?

Approximately 2 to 3 days after receiving your product from the US Retailer.

23. When picking up my package(s), what do I need to bring?

Identification is all that is needed.

24. When do I pay Anything From The US?

After you receive your Purchase Request Total via email, which includes taxes, duties and small shipping fee, you have the option to cancel or simply approve the total and immediately pay Anything From The US.

25. How long do I have to pick up my package in Canada?

You should pick up your package(s) as soon as possible. Due to storage space you may be charged a storage fee if not picked up within 30 days.

26. Why was my package opened?

Anything From The US had to verify the Country of Origin for the Canadian Border.

27. Are there any purchase restrictions?

AFTUS will not purchase any product considered food and if the item has legal and safety restriction (see Prohibited Items under Documentation or for a full and complete list please visit CBSA).

28. How does my charge appear on my credit card statement?

Your credit card payment will appear as AFTUS (which is for Anything From The US) on your statement.

29. Will you deliver my purchase(s) to my home?

Yes we will deliver to your home, office or neighbors for a small additional shipping fee.

30. What is the Country of Origin of goods?

The country of origin of invoiced goods is the country in which the goods have been grown, produced, or manufactured according to criteria laid down for the application of the Customs Tariff or quantitative restrictions, or any measure related to trade. Each manufactured article on the invoice must have been significantly transformed in the country specified as the country of origin to its present form ready for export to Canada. Certain operations such as packaging, splitting, and sorting may not be considered as sufficient operations to confer origin.

31. Will you ship if I purchase the product(s)?

AFTUS is a US Website buying service with delivery to Canada. If you only need delivery of your pre-purchased item(s) then you can go to www.FreeportForwarding.com for your shipping needs.

32. What is the conversion rate?

Whatever the legal conversion rate is for that day.

33. I don't remember my email or password - what do I do?

Call the Customer Service Line at 800-275-5520

34. Will you accept paypal?

Not at this time.

35. How do I see a history of what products I purchased?

Select "My Account" from the top dark blue bar and then select "View Purchase Request"

36. I thought this product was made in USA.

Just because the product is sold in the USA doesn't mean it was manufactured in the USA.

37. I didn't get my registration confirmation email.

Please check your spam. If you still can not locate the confirmation email, just email buyer@aftus.net and we can resend you a confirmation.

38. Is there a warranty?

Warranties are determined by the manufacturer. Anything From The US has nothing to do with any warranty. It is your responsibility to make sure that the product's warranty is covered in your country.

39. What if I don't want it after it arrives in Montreal?

There will be a restocking fee and reshipping fee.

40. Can I send someone else to pick up my product?

Yes, provided they are of legal age, provide the Purchase Request sent to your email and have a valid photo identification.

41. Are there any prohibited items?

The following list is a non-exclusive sampling of items that are either restricted, cannot be shipped or, may either require an import license, additional documentation and/or cause problems and delays.

1. Firearms, weaponry and their parts: military, police and tactical equipment of any kind, including guns, gun replicas, gun accessories, gun components (magazines, clips and rail systems), ammunition, knives, swords, compound bows, crossbows, discharge weapons such as shock batons or stun guns, tooling for guns or gun parts, optical scopes, laser sights, night sights, night visions goggles, handcuffs and other restraints, surveillance equipment.

2. Combustible/flammable items (paints, oils, lighters, perfume, nail polish)

3. Hazardous materials (matches, chemicals, explosives)

4. Any type of pressurized can (hair spray, shaving cream, spray cans of any type)

5. Perishable foods (restricted to some destinations)

6. Agricultural products such as tobacco, plants and seeds (restricted to some destinations)

7. Coffee (restricted to some destinations)

8. Alcohol

9. Animals and products made with animal skin (furs)

10. All medication

11. Cash currency, money orders, cashiers’ checks, bank drafts, bearer bonds and collectible stamps and coins.

12. Lottery tickets and gambling devices

13. Government IDs and licenses or items that claim to be, or that look similar to, government identification documents. This includes uniforms and badges or patches designed to look like official government-issue.

14. Lock picking devices

15. Pornography

42. Will you purchase a used item for me?

If not restricted, we will purchase used items. However, there is a "No Return" policy on any used items and Interac e-Transfer is the only payment accepted.

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